National Account Sales & Fleet Backhaul Program

Solomon Consulting LLC has developed a carrier backhaul program specifically designed for Intermodal motor carriers hauling containers or intermodal equipment. It is a good fit for private fleets as well because it is wholly managed in the spot market, on a day-to-day basis with only the equipment you have available for loading. Secondly, the program is modified to reflect the actual need of each individual piece of equipment and the driver operating the piece of equipment. If the driver only has minimal hours available, the shipment to pick up can be modified to reflect available hours. If it is a 40-ft or 20-ft container, the load can be modified to fit that container. In other words, the freight actually fits the vehicle and needs of the driver on each particular unit in the dispatch process. Additionally, the shipments available can be anything from across town to across the state and can generally accommodate exact and specific needs. This program can be set up in your current dispatch, and your dispatch personnel can be trained in a modest amount of time to perform this daily load tendering and customized dispatch process, or we can manage from your facility with one of our on-site managers.

Our new backhaul program is able to target virtually any traffic lane in the US where a back haul is needed, whether on a week-to-week basis or year round. Our program involves the use of hundreds of brokers nationwide who have reliable daily business on a one-at-a-time basis spot market or on a regular weekly basis. This national program can target one private fleet domicile or 50 domiciles. It can also target one or any amount of trucks at a specific domicile, or multiple domiciles. Our program includes an on-site individual from Solomon Consulting at your corporate facility, who manages and reports on the backhaul program in house for you, identifying each and every truck based on individual needs for that truck or for that equipment domicile.

Our last client with fewer than 100 trucks added between $500,000 and $1,000,000 to their bottom line annually, just by utilizing current equipment base, moving backhaul loads as the trucks were available in their normal operating area.

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I can add major "NET" dollars to your backhaul program.
Michael Solomon, Sr., President
Solomon Consulting LLC

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