Our Flagship: Cost Reduction Program

Our program will save you money! Here’s how it works:

  1. Send us 30-90 days of recent freight bills.
  2. We will complete a multi-mode analysis of your freight bills at no cost to you → FREE.
  3. If our analysis demonstrates a significant savings of 5–10% or more, one of our consultants will schedule a meeting at your office to present our savings program to the CFO and CEO.

After the presentation of our multi-faceted program, if you decide to move forward, we will meet with your in-house transportation team to outline our plan, answer questions, and begin the process as a combined team.

We initiate the cost savings program, for a weekly fee, plus necessary travel expenses to your office (which are always approved in advance). Our compensation includes a small percentage of the proven savings we generate for your company. Your Chief Financial Officer will verify all savings from the initial baseline. Once the documented savings are recovered by your company, deferred compensation is paid to Solomon Consulting, based on one-year annualized savings. Letter for the Chief Financial Officer.

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Working closely with your management team, Solomon Consulting LLC will initiate the savings program with your transportation/ supply chain personnel to ensure a smooth transition with current and expanded supply chain vendors.

Please give us a try. This program really works... and it can work for you.

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