Attention Chief Financial Officer:

Our focus at Solomon Consulting is on several major areas in the supply chain:

  1. Doing an initial audit of your current freight costs to determine if you are being overcharged by miles, by weight, or by fuel surcharge.
  2. Reviewing your small shipment over night type shipments to see if there is a better discount to be generated through utilizing our small shipment software package.
  3. In-house teaching and training for your current personnel showing how to better manage and develop lower-priced motor carriers.
  4. Identify lumper charges and reduce them through our national program.
  5. Utilizing low-cost national warehouse companies through our negotiated contracts.
  6. Freight claims studies & implementation of freight claims procedures, which will allow you to recover losses on freight claims promptly.
  7. Continuous seal program structured to assure supply chain integrity.
  8. Reducing your costs on temperature control devices on in-transit programs.
  9. Inbound materials management, assuring best price/best practice.
  10. New carrier development to reduce freight costs and fuel surcharges.

Email me your last 30 days of LTL and Truckload freight bills, I will review/audit them and provide you with an estimated freight savings.

If you are interested, I will send over a one page confidentiality agreement signed by me, and then you email over to me a listing of the last 30 days of freight bills, both LTL and Truckload. I will review and send back over to you what I feel we can guarantee in freight savings. If you wish to move forward with the project, I will provide reduced rates for you with actual carriers, with first class equipment, dedicated drivers, and knowledgeable employees who know your business.

Our cost for implementing this program is twofold: our hourly consulting rate for usually one week, and then 10% to 20% of your first year annual freight savings, depending on the size of your annual freight bill, which you pay only after you have collected and documented the full savings.

Michael R. Solomon, President
Solomon Consulting LLC
1031 Cornwall B
Boca Raton FL 33434

Mobile: 618-670-5515

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