Value Added for Customer’s Distribution Network

Solomon Consulting provides the following value added for your distribution network:

  1. Reduce freight costs.
  2. Reduce & simplify freight claims.
  3. Analyze customer service in relationship to supply chain to see how we can improve both areas.
  4. Review and audit freight bills as to correctness in freight description, weight, completeness of shipping and receiving information, miles, etc.
  5. Inbound freight study to reduce freight costs, analyze inbound terms of purchase and determine correct mode of transportation and costs.
  6. Review shipping and receiving areas, personnel, safety conditions, picking and filling orders for improvement.
  7. Review order entry system from receipt to shipping and customer receipt, QA through order fill complete. Time line streamlined.
  8. Review security measures for all commodities especially food products in transit, seal procedures and record keeping.
  9. Review warehouse operation for stacking, damage, loss ratio inventory, turn times and any excess product inventory inbound raw materials or finished product.
  10. Opportunities for consolidating shipments to break bulk points or regions via truckload and then break out LTL for shorter distance and reduced cost delivery.
  11. Opportunities to consolidate inbound LTL into truckloads avoiding LTL inbound and bring in truckload rates or possibly intermodal.
  12. Box car utilization or containers returning with much lower rates on dense commodities.
  13. Revising the logistics group from an expense area to a profit group through operating authority and outside customers with a like clientele or brokerage.
  14. Review local and private fleet operations for dispatch technique and backhaul programs.
  15. Review all regional distribution center operations to analyze cost of goods delivered, customer service, and order fulfillment.
  16. Identify domestic vendors and domestic transportation systems for or during national emergencies.

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